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You are definitely in the right place. North Shore Lawn is a lawn care service that you can rely on in the area. We guarantee to complete the job to your total satisfaction.

Maintaining a clean and tidy lawn and garden is hard work, and not everyone can spare all the time and for those who find it difficult to complete this chore, call North Shore Lawn for the professional lawn mowing and other services related to gardening. We can help you enjoy your garden instead of worrying about it!

North Shore Lawn offers an expert landscaping and lawn care experience, combining the art of lawn maintaining and mowing, garden maintenance, tree trimming, rubbish removal. We are proudly to deliver a guaranteed result to preserve your   investment.


More and more people are realizing the value of a healthy lawn and the benefits of hiring a lawn professional to take good care of their lawns.

We can help you to avoid the guesswork and uncertainty from treating your lawns on your own. You can trust a reputable lawn care service to help you grow a beautiful lawn with guaranteed results. Your lawn will be cared for by professionals with highly experience of the proven field, transforming lawns into green showplaces. You can rely on a lawn care professional from North Shore Lawn, while enjoy more leisure time with family and friends.

We have built a solid reputation for the quality and the results the other services can’t deliver, that gets customers switching and coming back to us as well as referring their friends and family.

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